At Princeton, Cosim has been head preceptor for the introductory sequence of courses in analytic philosophy -- Logic, Moral Philosophy, Metaphysics and Epistemology. In Spring 2023, he taught Systematic Ethics with Michael Smith.

As a grad student, Cosim taught Bioethics, Informal Logic and Probability, Introduction to American Government, Philosophy of Law, and Western Civilization. 

Cosim also developed a number of other courses, including (inter alia) 'Art, Intention, and Interpretation','Buddhist Thought and Contemporary Philosophy', 'Civil Liberties', 'Communicative Theories of Civil Disobedience, Pardon, and Punishment', and 'Philosophy of Biology'.  

Cosim will be head preceptor for Introduction to Logic at Princeton for the Spring 2024 term; he will also be a preceptor for the upper-division course 'Freedom and Responsibility', with Gideon Rosen.