Papers by Cosim Sayid



The latest hit papers by Cosim Sayid will appear here. Some deets on draft work [in brackets] further below.

1. ‘Knowledge-Norms in a Common-Law Crucible’ — Ratio;

Abstract: Not only is the common‐law standard of proof of mere likelihood in ordinary civil cases justifiable, but its justifiability supports the conclusion that there is no general norm that one must assert that p only if p is known. An argument by Voltaire is formalized to show that the mere likelihood standard is rational. It is also shown that no applicable norm preempts the common‐law rule. An objection that takes the pertinent knowledge‐norm to be honoured in the breach is rejected by appeal to the absence of blameworthiness in alleged breaches of interest. An objection that takes civil verdicts to be manifestations of acceptance, rather than assertoric, is considered and rejected.

Penultimate draft: here.

[2. A paper on lying, which specifies exactly what it is in virtue of a liar's mentality, how lying is not necessarily linguistic, and how and why lying could be (ceteris paribus) worse than merely misleading someone.]

[3. ‘Defamation-Torts and Free Speech’]

[4. 'Misuse of Naked Stats']

[5. 'Precedent in Administrative Law']