Next Talk

•      30 October 2023

'Corrective Justice and Market-Share Liability'

(with Yuval Abrams, NYU Law)

Colloquium on Market Institutions and Economic Processes

Department of Economics, New York University

Past Talks

16 May 2023

'Only the Best Explanation Wins: Legal Proof, Explanation, and Probability'

(with Yuval Abrams, NYU Law)

Evidence Summer Workshop

Vanderbilt Law School

4 December 2019

'Flexibility in Interpreting the Law: Its Limits and the Rule of Law'

Invited Lecture, Humanities Series

Albright College

22 August 2018

'Communication, Inc.'

Social Ontology 2018

Tufts University

9 January 2018

'Expected Liability'

Recent Work in Law and Philosophy

Surrey Center for Law and Philosophy

4 May 2017

'Reconstructing Reasonable Doubt' 

(with Yuval Abrams, CUNY)

From Reasonable Doubt to Undue Skepticism

Birkbeck College, University of London

19 November 2016

'Knowledge of Necessary Truths and Its Limits?'

Third Philosophy of Language and Mind Masterclass (with Timothy Williamson, Oxford)

Institute of Philosophy, University of London

3 November 2016

'A Gricean Reconstruction of Contracts and their Interpretation'

Oxford Jurisprudence Discussion Group

Faculty of Law, University of Oxford